Our Suppliers



The Thorne family can trace its farming ancestry in Devon for hundreds of years and Anthony Thorne was definitely born with the farming bug. He has a great love of the red soil of mid Devon and the fabulous scenery that he lives and works in.


He started growing strawberries on this site in 1986.The business has since developed into growing a wide range of soft fruit and vegetables over an area of 125 acres in the local parishes around Stockleigh Pomeroy.



Overlooking both the River Teign estuary and the rolling Tors of Dartmoor this fabulously fertile land produces some of Devon’s finest crops of vegetables.


Expertly grown by Malcolm Luscombe and his son Jason they find this hilly terrain ideal for some of the best vegetables all year around!


Here at Devon Fresh we love this produce and the fact its so close means we keep our Carbon Miles to a minimum whilst helping support the local economy.



Our newest local supplier, from North Devon they too deliver boxes to the local area, but they also grow some amazing produce and have a fantastic on-site butcher who now supplies us some amazing meat from their own farm.  Less carbon miles and full traceability means you are guaranteed a high quality product with the reassurance that it is 100% Local.