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This box contains a selection of essentials and tasty treats at the fraction of the price you'd pay in a supermarket. 

The reason we are able to do this ?

Ever wondered why some of your food has a USE BY date but some of it has a BEST BEFORE date?

A BEST BEFORE date is a manufacturer's guide to the consumer and it tells us the period where we can expect the highest levels of quality and freshness. Modern manufacturing and packaging methods mean that the quality does not deteriorate overnight and certainly not on the Best Before date you’ll find on the packaging. In fact, most packaged goods are not only fine to eat beyond this day but are usually just as delicious as the day they were made and they pose no health risk when eaten after the recommended date.

There are no legal implications to selling products past the Best Before date and it dramatically reduces food waste in the long run when we are all a little more flexible on the food we keep and the food we throw away.

So remember… BEST BEFORE is a GUIDELINE 


Contents may vary.

Allergens displayed on individual packaging but please speak to us if you have any specific requirements.


£8.00 (Per Box)

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