A box full of SUMMER! 

The jam packed box has all you need this summer for just £15.00!!!

Typically includes: 

1 x Vacpac Beetroot 

1 x Cucumber 

1 x Iceberg Lettuce 

1 x Pepper 

1 x Mustard & Cress 

1 x Spring Onion 

1 x Radish 

1 x Punnet Cherry Tomatoes 

500g Mid Potatoes 

4 x Royal Gala Apples 

4 x Granny Smith Apples 

4 x Bananas 

3 x Peach

3 x Nectarines 

1 x Lemon 

1 x Lime 

500g Satsumas 


£15.00 (Per Box)

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